To cut the long story "SHORT" !

I faced the same dilemma that many of you may have …. short or not ??? … oh and by the way the case in point being my hair ….

A bit about why I wanted to go short. Even though I tried thinking of a good logical reason for why… atleast for the sake of this article… I still don’t have one…. To tell you the truth…. I guess I was just bored …. And hair is one way to perk it up and feel all refreshed (this I knew from past experiences even though I hadn’t ever gone as short as I did now)

Husband said NO …………….Now that was not surprising …but much to my surprise my Nani (mom’s mom) said … Oh yes !

Few things that you should be prepared for/should know if you do want to go short

1.       SHORT hair is NOT easy to maintain:  incase you want to cut your hair because long tresses take more maintenance, think again ! …styling short hair is something that you will have to do everyday.  So, no more days of pulling back your hair into a pony coz your feeling lazy. However, on the plus side it’s a breeze to do :)

2.       Cost surely to be considered:  you can’t delay visits to your stylist, you will have to trim often (every 6 weeks or so) and I don’t have to tell you how much those visits cost. Besides, I had never used product on my hair till I went short and now I end up stocking aleast 2-3 at all times 

3.       Nostalgia : There would be days you will miss your long hair. The proverbial grass greener on the other side phenomenon

4.       Do not listen to anyone who says you can’t go ethnic in clothes if you cut your hair short. Infact, if you do it right, you will be edgy & different  without worrying that much about what you are wearing.

photo (1).PNG

5.    The Stylist : cutting a short crop is not everyone’s cuppa  tea. In longer hair one can get away with a few details not gone as per plan, but in short hair there is no hiding. Also, once you are briefing the stylist at the salon…show pics & don’t name styles , etc . Walk into the stylist with your hair undone in its natural state so they know what they're working with.

6.     EVERYONE may not like it : like everything else, even your new look is not gonna please everyone. Another statistics I can vouch for out of personal experience is 90% of men will not like it short and 90% women will looooove it short. ( I have a little bit of my theory on this, but perhaps I should keep it for another day.)Don’t be surprised if you hear statements from women saying “ you inspire me to go short ! ” :) … yes !

7.      Last but not the least : Remember, hair grows back. A short cut, however is fun, frisky, youthful and edgy to reinvent yourself. Give it a try if you're ready, and you'll love the change.

Go.. give it a short !  :)