Personal Branding for Professionals:

In this service, greater emphasis is laid on your professional roles and goals.


Executive Service Programs:


Do any of the following statements sound familiar?

  • I have junior level employees who think they are ready for career advancement, but they are unaware of the subtle behaviours that affect how they are perceived.
  • I have front line supervisors who expect to move into higher levels of management, but they lack the leadership skills to confidently step into that role.
  • I have identified individuals who we could groom for higher positions, but the decision makers think they lack the polish and presence needed for those roles.

If you recognize yourself in any category above, we are here to help!

In the 'Executive Presence' program, your high achievers and emerging leaders will learn: the critical skills of professional protocol, how appearance is tied to executive presence, the impact of non-verbal communication, and how interpersonal skills are essential to leadership success. The training will instill confidence and raise the bar. After the training, your high potential individuals will stand out as not only polished, but a paradigm of professional success.

We also organize customized workshops for groups besides working with your individual employees. Companies can also sponsor their employees for 'End-to End' programme (