About Capital I 


Competition is everywhere – be it for the right job, spouse, admission, or a promotion. Decisions need to be made in a flip of a coin. Nobody has time or patience to try and get to know people after multiple interactions. To succeed in an environment like this, there is an increasing need to differentiate oneself, project one’s consistent best self, and create a powerful personal brand.

Again, your brand is something that is constantly communicating, whether you wish for that to happen or not! So, is it not important for you to take charge of what your brand is constantly saying about you? At Capital “I” Personal Branding Studio we assist you to do just this.

At Capital “I”, we realize that the YOU are your biggest strength – the most valuable asset - the greatest Capital - that you need to invest in and build upon. Hence, our methodology follows the below chronology:

What you are: The CORE – our first step is to understanding the real you, which we respect and do not want to alter or change. This would involve identifying your strengths, your skills, and the values you stand for. Most often than not its also a step which helps your discover things about you as well.

What you want to be & achieve: Next step we try and know what your roles and goals are in your life, not just professional but also social and personal.

What people perceive you to be: Yes, whether we like it or not this has a significant effect on the first two. We take stock of what currently people perceive of you.

Taking Charge: The last step is, we equip you to take charge of the impressions you make, the perceptions people have of you. We assist you to create and project a consistent personal brand.

Make the most of your potential, Invest in you!