End-to-end Personal Branding


'End-to End' is a specialized service that can help you define or refine your appearance, behaviour, and communication. This will translate into a new and improved image, branded with your unique signature style that will position you for the success you desire in your personal, social, or professional life.

People who would most benefit from this service are those who:

  • would like to create an impression that is hard to forget
  • feel undervalued in their company
  • feel misunderstood, especially with a new set of people
  • pretend to be someone they are not, to impress people
  • have taken up a new job and are feeling out of place
  • would like to look effortlessly stylish at all times
  • are going for higher studies and want to ensure you make great impressions
  • are returning to workplace after a long absence
  • spend too much money on clothes, shoes, or accessories, but still dread getting dressed

We do this by working with you on a multiple clinics as required. Some of our clinics include:

Client Need Analysis & Lifestyle: Client Need Analysis will get you and us onto the same page. It will give us the way forward in terms of where you are and where you want to go. Lifestyle evaluation, apart from all other factual key information, will help identify the key areas where change is important and where it is absolutely urgent. We try and understand, given your lifestyle, what is appropriate for you to achieve your roles and goals. 

Personal Styling: No two people are alike, so this identification ensures we create your own timeless Personal Style that works for you and hence are sustainable in the long run. We also share the communication, which every element of design in your appearance sends out.

Fit and Fashion: This clinic helps you work on what fashion you can adopt based on Body and Face shape. Identifying silhouettes that will flatter you. We strongly believe that you should be able to wear any type of clothing you like, as long as all the elements of design work in your favour.

Colours: Identifying your personal colouration and how you can make every colour work for you, as long as you stick to some rules. Also, this clinic would include a brief on the psychology of colours and how you can use them to your advantage. 

Wardrobe Audit & Management: After we have worked with you on the above clinics, we have a look at your wardrobe and see what works for you, what can be made to work for you (with a few alterations), and what will just not work for you. It also, gives you a fresh perspective on many clothing and accessory items. We also identify a list of 'to be acquired' items. 

Smart Shopping: With the above list we visit pre-selected stores, with items that we would have identified for you to try, even before you come in. This will help you save time and the hassle of visiting multiple stores.

Social & Business Etiquette:  Have you forgotten a person's name two minutes after being introduced? Have you offended a client by using humour inappropriately? Have you ever sent an email or posted something on Facebook that you later regretted? Missteps like these can severely tarnish your reputation and ruin your relationship with others. In this clinic we learn how you can avoid such faux pas in business and social situations, which can open doors to multiple opportunities for you. 

Make-up & Grooming: Hair style recommendations, Day and Night wear make-up, skin care, etc. are some of the points covered under this clinic.

Body Language: Understanding Body Language and putting it into practice, is what we enable you to achieve in this clinic.

Online Image Management: In today’s day and age, online reputation is as important as offline. In this session, we help you to make the most of your online presence, be it professionally or personally.

Would also include any or all of the other services mentioned under 'For You' section on this website.