Mind your "Lines" : 3 myths about lines on your clothes

One of my favourite “Me-time” of the day is in the morning, when I come home after dropping my son at school. I rush to the bedroom, raise the curtains and let the morning sun light enter the room (along with the sound of sweeping by the house keeping staff at the ground floor). I then sit next to the French windows with a cup of piping hot ginger tea and I begin to read - starting with the newspaper, moving on to articles on fashion offline & online. While I was reading one such article today, one line that popped up was “Vertical lines make you appear slim!” The article was written by a style expert and that that had me a lil annoyed!

 This is not the first time I read a statement like this. Many times I have (quite possibly, so have you) come across stuff like -“Don’t wear diagonal stripes, it will make you look short.” or “Horizontal lines adds pounds” etc. But today I decided to - like a good girl - channel my feelings into this article constructively (or so I am hoping).

While the above statements may not be entirely wrong, neither are they absolutely right.  And this half-baked information, I feel, sometimes can do more harm than good. Hence I am trying to bust myths regarding lines/stripes on clothes.

While the above statements may not be entirely wrong, neither are they absolutely right.  I believe this half-baked information can do more harm then good. Hence, am getting down to busting some of these myths regarding lines on your clothes one by one.

Myth I: All Vertical lines make you look Slim

Reality: only several narrow/thin vertical lines have a slimming effect, and

1. Not when they are broad vertical lines

lines 1.jpg


2. Not when there is a lot of space between two vertical lines

lines 2.jpg

Myth II : All diagonal line make you slim

Reality: Only long thing diagonal lines closer to being a vertical line will make you look slim,

1. And not when, they are short diagonal lines

lines 3.jpg


2. And Not when, they are closer to being horizontal

Lines 4.jpg

Myth III : All horizontal lines make you look broad

Reality: Several short & thin horizontal lines actually have a slimming effect

lines 5.jpg
lines 6.jpg
lines 7.jpg


Hopefully next time you read half true statements like the one I mentioned earlier you wil also be annoyed :)


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